Navy characterizes the Greeks

Navy characterizes the Greeks as a people in a millennium, they have the sea in their DNA

Technological know-how may evolve, year after year, and technology plays an increasing role in the governance of a ship, but naval is always the common denominator. This is where the Greeks remain top. They know how to trump the winds and waves, one with the liquid element. The mirror of the Greek navy is the sailing where the sailor has as the driving force for his boat the elements of nature. In spite of the financial crisis and the problems that this is caused by Greek sailors, they struggle against “gods and demons” trying to compete with foreigners who descend to world-class competitions with coaches, modern boats, physiotherapists, nutritionists and even meteorologists! And yet the Greek children who sometimes go abroad can even fight without a coach !!! they manage to distinguish themselves at a very high level and qualify for the Olympic Games.

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