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    Terms and Conditions For Reservations – Cancellations in Travel Packages


    The combination of travel services offered to you for the purpose of the same trip or holiday is a package within the meaning of Directive (EU) 2015/2302. Therefore, you are entitled to all the rights provided in the EU for package travel. DISCOVERY TRAVEL BG LTD has the full responsibility for the proper execution of the package. DISCOVERY TRAVEL BG LTD guarantees the reimbursement of the amounts you have paid, in case of insolvency and if your transfer is included in the package, it will ensure your repatriation. This text contains all the basic information about the journey you have selected, which you can read before the conclusion of the package. We inform you that DISCOVERY TRAVEL BG LTD has entered into a contract with the insurance company EUROINS , located at 1592 Sofia, Christopher Columbus blvd. 43, Phone: + 359 2 9651 525 Fax: + 359 2 9651 526, + 359 2 4144526
    office@euroins.bg, for the protection against insolvency and to ensure the reimbursement as well as the repatriation if the transfer is included in the package. Insurance policy number 003700100002587/11.02.2020

    In case of emergency you can contact our company DISCOVERY TRAVEL BG LTD in Maria Luiza 41, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria, Tel 00359 885245205, 00359 876466676.



    The General terms for participation regulate the responsibilities and obligations on the one hand of the Client (in the framework of this document, the Client is either a traveler or an intermediary travel agency acting as a seller of a package), and on the other hand, the Discovery Travel Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Company). As Client (hereinafter Traveler) it is understood also the entities or companies which cover financially the package travel of their members, students, employees or others and with whom they are jointly responsible for compliance and acceptance of the following terms.

    Each traveler and fellow travelers who are covered financially by any entity, as well as participants through Companies, Associations, Unions, Schools and other institutions, are bound by the conditions set out in this document and, as a result, are to be requested from Discovery Travel Ltd or from relevant seller (travel agency) that sells the package. Therefore, each traveler automatically accepts with his/her participation the following terms, which are made known to him/her by the entity and whose acceptance is presumed on the completion of the booking by the entity and/or by each traveler.

    It is noted that the term «package travel», to which these terms apply, means the pre-arranged combination of at least two of the following services: transportation, accommodation, other tourist services not related and complementary to transportation or accommodation that represent a significant proportion of the package and covers a period of more than 24 hours and is offered at the total price. The booking of a single provided service (indicatively, only the service of accommodation) in no case falls within the meaning of a package travel.

    In case of «special travels», such as exhibitions, corporate travel, conferences, travels to skiing destinations, sporting events, cruises and charters and others that are described in the specific travels, the Clients are bound to special stricter economic conditions applicable. The penalty for cancellation in the above cases is up to 100% of the price, and the deadlines for documents and cancellations are much shorter. The final price is shown on the settlement receipt which the Client receives along with valid travel schedule.

    Booking of the seats: For validation of booking, 30% of the entry fee should be paid. It is clarified that bookings via telephone do not bind the Company unless 30% of the participation fee is paid. Once the program is issued, bookings are made until the exhaustion of seats. The balance is paid 10 days before the departure, except for cases where the contrary is specifically defined. If the booking request is submitted within 10 days prior to the departure, the full amount shall be settled with the submission of the request. Payments are made either at local offices or through bank transfer, or by charging credit and debit cards.



    The Company is committed to the best way to coordinate and carry out organized tours that it provides to Clients, whether they are direct travelers or intermediary travel agencies, reselling the journey to end travelers. The Company has full responsibility for the proper execution of the package travel. The Company is not responsible for the extraordinary and inevitable situations (force majeure) such as cancellations, delays or changes of routes of all kinds of means of transport (airplanes, ships, cars, a.) not due to its acts or omissions. The Company is also not liable during travel for: loss of money, objects, documents, luggage and any damage to them, life accidents, illnesses, epidemics, organic disorder due to local conditions, altitude, climate, cleanliness or nutrition for injuries or hardship due to war, coups, terrorist acts, hijackings, earthquakes, weather conditions, fires, epidemics, toxic infections and other related causes or actions or situations. The Company is not liable to the Client and/or Traveler (in case the latter is not its direct client) for compensation for any damage to the latter due to non-performance or defective performance of the Contract unless it is due to its own fault or otherwise specified by law. If you have a reason to complain while you are on a trip, you should immediately notify it to the tour leader or to our local representative or to the management of the hotel. The Company is obliged to provide, upon agreement and acceptance of the Traveler, any appropriate alternative. The Company and the Traveler promise to resolve in good faith any dispute that may arise. In case of disagreement, Bulgarian law is applicable, and the courts of Sofia are the competent courts.


    The Traveler is responsible for the purchase, declaration and authentication of the declaration of tourist or other currency to the Bulgarian or foreign customs authorities as well as other values ​​or objects he/she carries with him/her. If the competent authorities of the State of departure or the State of destination do not permit the Traveler to enter / exit the State, for example due to an inaccurate statement of foreign exchange or due to public prosecutor’s ban, the Traveler is not entitled to a refund. It is an obligation of the traveler to study in detail the program of travel in which he/she will participate, and the conditions of participation, which in cases where the seller of the package is not the Company, are provided to travelers under the responsibility of the Client. Participants-Travelers are deemed to accept the terms of participation automatically, either by signing the contract or after paying any amount of the value of the package. It is the Traveler’s sole responsibility to arrive early at the point of departure (both at the start and finish of the trip). In case a Traveler loses a service included in the package and this is due to his/her fault (delay, non-compliance with the program) no compensation is due by the Company. The Traveler should take all appropriate measures to rejoin the group at his/her own expense. In the event that the Traveler discontinues his/her travel by his/her own decision and (in cases when the trip is carried out with the participation of several traveling participants) departs from the group, he/she is not entitled to any further service or compensation, and the responsibility and the costs of any early departure from the group shall be borne exclusively by him/her. The Traveler bears all extra expenses/consumption he/she makes in on-site facilities of accommodation, in case these costs are not included in the package price. He/she is also personally liable for any damage caused by his/her own fault to the premises he/she lives and uses during the trip. The Traveler is charged with the cost of the overnight tax at any accommodation that may be required. The Traveler may, after notifying the Company on a durable medium and not later than seven (7) days before the start of the package, transfer the package travel contract to a person who meets all the conditions applicable to that contract. Any costs arising from the assignment shall be borne jointly by the transferor and the transferee.


    Each traveler is responsible for validation, assurance and storing of the travel documents required for the trip (passport, visa, vaccination certificate, migration permit, etc.). Before completing any booking, the Traveler is obliged to contact the Company or to the relevant seller of a package, if it is not directly a Company itself, regarding the provision of general information about the required travel documents for booking (indicatively, passport, visa, any required medical examinations). The Company is not responsible in case of delay or failure in the issuance of the necessary documents. For all participants to the package travels abroad a valid passport is required. The period for timely issuance of visa is estimated at least 14 days before departure. However, since the provisions differ depending on the destination, it is recommended to contact the relevant consular authorities of Bulgaria or the host country prior to booking a trip, and to clarify whether the necessary travel documents are available, whether they are valid and the exact duration of visas and travel documents in the country stay. The validation of all personal travel documents (passport, identity card) is the responsibility of the Traveler. Particular attention needed for the under-aged travelers who should necessarily be equipped with travel documents / passports, in this case, the provision of the necessary supporting documents allowing the under-aged travelers to participate in the journey is the responsibility of their guardians. Any assistance of the Company in verifying and / or issuing all the above travel documents or visas does not imply a guarantee of participation in the trip and / or assuming the responsibility and obligations of the Company. Failure to obtain and present to the authorities valid travel documents (passport, visas, work permits, etc.) is Traveler’s sole responsibility and therefore the relevant penalties are applied.. The Travelers are responsible for the actions of the children they escort and should continuously monitor for their safety and behavior throughout the trip.


    Our Company is making every effort to implement consistently in the best possible way the program schedules. However unforeseen circumstances may make it necessary to change the program schedule before departure or during the journey. Changes or amendments to the program can occur both before and during the tour. Prior to departure, our company reserves the right to change the route in accordance with what is indicated in the printed materials. In these cases, the Traveler has the following options: a) to accept the change, b) to cancel his/her participation and return the money that he paid, provided that the change is significant and makes the trip, formed in the end, uninteresting for him. This right is not granted if the change in the program is not significant (for example, changing the day of the planned tour, changing the hotel to another of the same category, canceling one of the various excursions, etc.), c) to participate in another program of our company at the same price sale or at a lower price with the simultaneous return of the difference in cost or more expensive with a corresponding surcharge. Our Company has the right to cancel any trip for reasons it deems appropriate (objective difficulties, restricted participation) without any obligation to compensate apart from reimbursement of the money received. If the cancellation is due to participation which is less than the minimum specified for each trip, the Company is entitled to terminate the contract expeditiously within 20 days prior to the start of the package for journeys which last more than 6 days, within 7 days prior to start the package for journeys which last between 2 and 6 days and within 48 hours prior to the start of the package for journeys which last less than 2 days. In the event of termination by the Company, refunds will be made within 14 days of termination. During the journey the tour leader has the right to make changes if he/she is about to face an extraordinary event or force majeure. If, for any of the above reasons of force majeure, the journey to its development is interrupted and the travelers are repatriated, our office makes every effort to reimburse the travelers for the services not provided by the beneficiaries (hotels, transfers). Services not executed in accordance with the Package Travel Agreement shall be recovered unless it is impossible due to force majeure or involves disproportionate costs in view of the extent of the non-compliance and the value of the travel service affected. Reimbursement means the suggestion to the Traveler of an appropriate alternative settlement or if this is impossible the reduction of the price accordingly. The Traveler may reject the proposed arrangements only if they are not comparable to what was agreed. Airlines can modify the times of departures without any prior notice. Any change in flight times or road journeys is not considered a program change.


    1) Air tickets

    The air transportation is performed with economy class tickets and based on mass fares that assume a specifically minimum number of participants (which vary by destination) and subject to residence restrictions and stopovers. The airlines companies may modify the routes on which the departures of journeys are fixed without prior notification. In no event our company can impose on the airline company to limit any stopovers, and the waiting time for interchange.

    2) Hotels / Accommodation places

    All proposed by the Company hotels and accommodation places have a valid operating license required by the competent authorities. Their selection is made on the basis of their location and the services provided, combined with the best possible price according to their category as it is specified in the description of each excursion. The category of hotels mentioned complies with the tourist institution of the country to which they belong and their specifications. But because there is no single internationally accepted criterion for that classification, it is obvious that there is a differentiation between the various hotels, even if they belong to the same category. There is no uniform international classification of hotels. Very generally it is accepted the following use of stars: 2 * = tourist, 3 * second category, 4 * = first category, 5 = * lux category. The rooms of most hotels around the world have been designed to accommodate two beds. Therefore, the triple rooms are actually double with extra bed. Some hotels accept and fourth bed to serve the travelers, but it is obvious that the space will be significantly limited. Usually, the rooms are delivered at 14.00 and are available to residents until 10.00 of departure day. Application for the room type is dealt with on the basis of demand and the different rates the hotel charges for each room type. Otherwise, the hotel is entitled to provide you with room depending on the availability during the season of your stay. The Company, of course, puts out considerable effort to extend the limit of residence for the travelers who travel in the evening or early in the morning. The service will be provided if the rooms will not be given to other guests. In case of late arrival at the hotel, after a day of your scheduled arrival and if you do not inform, the hotel has the right to dispose the remaining reserved period if requested. The drinks, unless it is expressly referred, are not included in the half-board or full board. We remind you before your departure from the hotel to pay any outstanding personal expenses (phone calls, drinks etc.). In no case the Company will agree to pay personal expenses of the travelers. In many countries, tourists accommodation units are charge a tax for each overnight. This tax will be levied directly at the unit for the Client, with the issuance of a check, and will be requested upon departure or arrival in accordance with the policy of each unit. Also, some facilities may require a minimum amount of money or a credit card to charge for any additional consumption. This amount shall be returned at check-out, after deduction of consumption. Our company has the right, if such a need arises, to make changes to the type of hotel, changing it to another of a similar or higher class, as originally agreed, without any rights of the Traveler to claim for this reason.

    3) Baggage

    Regardless of the type of trip (air, sea or road), our company undertakes the transportation of luggage of normal size and weighing up to 20 kg for each traveler, unless otherwise is stated. Apart from the luggage, the participants can keep during their transportation and a small handbag, the dimensions of which must not exceed 53x26x23 cm (length / height / width). Where the passenger has excess baggage or more pieces of baggage, extra charges may be inflicted, which the traveler bears. In the event of damage or loss of baggage, the carrier’s liability for destruction, loss or damage of baggage is limited according to the provisions of the International Conventions or / and European regulations applicable in each case. That’s why it is recommended not to place valuable items in luggage.



    According to EU legislation (Regulation 2015/2302) and  EU law (Presidential Decree 7/2018) our Company has insured its professional liability to cover the non-performance of the contract by its own fault as well as the reimbursement and repatriation in case of bankruptcy. For more information as well as information about your rights, please contact our local affiliates. The details of the insurance company are given in Chapter A «General Information». The Company covers collectively the travelers for risks of civil liability, misconduct, accidents and repatriation. Group coverage is by nature limited. Indicatively, we note that the insurance does not cover damages due to actions of the traveler or no notification of incidents to the Company by the traveler, such as: untrue or false statements about the use of toxic, narcotic or other substances, about pregnancy or childbirth, about mental disorders, pre-existing physical or mental defect or disability, intentional self-harm, suicidal attempts, intoxication, permanent and chronic conditions, as well as about ages less than 12 months or older than 70 years. The Company strongly recommends that travelers take out a private insurance policy covering the above risks, for the amounts they wish, as well as for the cancellation of travel due to a serious illness, medical intervention or accident, events that do not affect the charges against the Company from its suppliers.


    Booking rates are calculated on the day of the applicable price list, based on the cost of each booking, the applicable fares, security taxes and charges, foreign exchange rates in relation to Euro, any number provided by the package travel plan minimum attendees, fuel and service prices, and any other cost factor. The Company exhausts any forecasting ability but reserves the right to change the price when the above cost factors change, up to 20 days prior to departure. If in the last 20 days prior to departure there are extra rises in fares, taxes, fuels, parities etc. the Traveler has the right to accept the corresponding increase in the price of the trip or to cancel his/her participation if the increase exceeds 8% of the value of the trip. Similarly, the traveler has the right to request a reduction in the price of the package in proportion to any reduction in the cost of fuel costs, taxes and charges of third parties, exchange rates. The Company reserves the right to cancel any trip prior to departure: (a) for reasons of force majeure or security, i.e. circumstances beyond its control, unusual and unforeseeable; (b) if exceptional increases, as above mentioned, more than 8% of the value of the trip are inflicted (in this case the traveler is reimbursed the amounts paid), c) in case of insufficient participation. On the contrary, when inevitable and extraordinary circumstances arise during the journey, any extra costs, other than repatriation, are borne by the travelers. Temporary cover of extraordinary expenses of the traveler by the Company does not mean in any way acceptance of liability on its part but temporary financial service, with the obligation of the traveler to settle the expense immediately upon his/her return.

    In the event of a complaint  and termination Discovery Travel “Aegean Sea Cruises”, ensure that the money is returned to the same card with which the payment was made.


    The Traveler is entitled to cancel his/her reservation after notifying in written form the Company, with the following charges, per person and in relation to the time of the cancellation. Cancellation up to 30 days before departure without charge. From 29 to 25 days before departure, 30% of the travel price is withheld as a penalty. From 24 to 19 days before departure, 50% of the travel price is withheld as a penalty. From 18 to15 days before departure, 75% of the travel price is withheld as a penalty and from 14 days and until departure, 100% of the travel price is due. In the event that a special cancellation policy is provided (indicatively a special cancellation policy of a hotel, of an air carrier, etc.), it shall prevail over the above general cancellation terms. Also, the Traveler is charged with the expenses paid by the Company on his/her behalf (registration in conferences or seminars, entertainment, sports or other events, issuing travel documents, etc.). Cancellation policy also applies if a change in flight time has been announced (e.g. from morning to evening or vice versa), change of hotel of the same or higher category, as well as forced minor changes to the program, which do not change significantly the whole nature of the trip, even the illness, the medical incidents and the accidents of the Traveler. The Traveler, subject to the above cancellation policy, has the right to terminate the contract prior to the launch of the package without charge for termination in the event of unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances at or very close to the destination, which affect the execution of the package. For the assessment of the existence or non-emergency situations and their seriousness, any travel instructions or other notices of official national authorities or authorities of the place of destination shall be taken into account.


    The printed programs are valid for the period indicated in the applicable pricelist in combination with the list of any changes, corrections and travel information that bind all travelers. The final format of the program and the final travel plan is considered what the Traveler accepts and receives with the travel documents a few days before departure. For this reason, it is recommended that each traveler receive a travel program. If the traveler purchased the trip from a third-party seller (travel agency or other authorized sales point), and not directly from the Company, it is mandatory that the seller provides the travel program, otherwise, the traveler is entitled to demand it, since the final program that he/she accepts as a result of participation is agreement, on the basis of which the traveler concluded an agreement on a particular trip.


    Given the implementation of European Regulation 679/2016 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, the Parties expressly commit themselves to comply with the applicable Personal Data Protection Law. The Company undertakes that the collection and processing of the personal data received by the Traveler is carried out for the sole purpose of fulfilling the purpose as described herein and no other processing of personal data will be done without the prior notification of the Traveler. The Company, upon the request of the Traveler, undertakes to provide further information regarding the reception and processing of his/her personal data as well as his/her rights, resulting from the application of the above Regulation, through relevant communication with the data protection officer of the Company at info@discovery-travel.gr. In addition, the Company notifies to the Traveler and the Traveler declares that he has received full knowledge and accepts the Company’s privacy policy and information services as detailed in the following link, https://www.discovery-travel.gr/privacy-notice/

    The above General Terms and Conditions for Participation are in printed and electronic form and constitute an integral and unified text with the main Contract for the provision of package travel services and are considered to have been accepted by the traveler for the conclusion of the Contract. The main Contract exists in printed and electronic form and its content is accepted accordingly, i.e. either by signing the form or by accepting its content electronically. The Contract between the Company and the Traveler shall be considered as valid, apart from signing it, by paying to the Company or to its Affiliates any amount in relation to the price of the package.

    Have a nice trip!