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    A Boat Rental for Short Vacations or just Accommodation for a weekend 

    Lately it has become increasingly popular to rent a boat and spend a lovely vacation sailing from nearest Ports districts. Cruising on a short distance with a boat can have a very charming, quaint feel to it, on the other hand the boats are all equipped with very modern gear and in great condition. So you just need to sail along and enjoy the view. Here we have compiled some more information about this great type of boating vacation.

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    What are the incentives for houseboat charter?

    Ports between islands with very short distance have nearly no tides, so they are perfect even for unexperienced sailors. Usually there are plenty of safe harbours to moor up in and it is so easy to go sightseeing on a cruise – you are almost doing it from the water.

    The boats are usually easy to manoeuvre with 2 people, most of them have a bow and a stern thruster, so you can turn comfortably in tight spots. On some of the islands, there is not much commercial traffic at all, like for instance on the Thassos and Keramoti. There, from Keramoti to Thassos you have the water to yourself and can enjoy the peace and quiet.

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    How much experience do I need to sail a boat?

    Small Sailing Yachts or Motor Yachts are usually easy to steer and manoeuvre, so it is a good introduction for new or inexperienced sailors. In some inland regions of Greece, for example, you do not require a license. Some charter agencies offer short introductory courses where you can learn the basic navigation and the rules of the road. In addition to that you will receive extensive maps and navigating is not much different to driving on the road – if you get lost you just turn around.

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    What activities can I combine with a boat holiday?

    If you like water sports, why not cruise a boat along calm beaches where you could go swimming, water skiing, wakeboarding, snorkeling and kayaking? A boat charter is also a wonderful occasion to go fishing as you find the best spots from the water.

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    As you are so close to so many cities while you cruise along, you can do a lot of sightseeing on a houseboat rental. Just pick your choice of cultural activities and must-sees and off you go. In general though, a houseboat vacation is very relaxing and navigating is easy. This gives you the perfect opportunity to read a book and relax as you watch the world go by.

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    A Yacht for your Accommodation

    You can also use a boat simply to stay in a harbor enjoying the comforts offered to you, such as 3 or 4 cabins 2-3 toilets, shower, organized kitchen fridge etc and with air conditioning or heating at incredibly attractive prices.


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