Motor Yacht Charter

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    Motor Yacht Charter

    Motor boats are a popular type of yacht for day charters but also on rivers and lakes, i.e. in areas where there is less wind than at open sea. Houseboat vacations on inland waterways are thus becoming more and more frequent. Find out more details about it in the following.

    What different types of motor yacht rental are there?

    Boat rental on motor yachts is very common with day trips as those boats are quite fast and get you around many places quickly. A popular type of boat for day charter is the RIB – rigid hull inflatable boat. Also many longer charter vacations take place on a motor yacht – in fact around 5 % of all bareboat charter yachts are motor boats.

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    Motor yachts come in all sizes. Bareboat charter is usually done on charter yachts under 17 m because leisure skippers are more easily capable of navigating them without help. If the hired yacht is bigger, the boat hire is likely to be a skippered or a crewed charter. But off course you can also hire a skipper and a crew with a smaller yacht or do a bareboat charter on a larger yacht. It just depends on your preference and your experience.

    Superyacht charter, or luxury charter, takes place on yachts larger than 20 m and usually comes with a crew.

    Another kind of yacht rental that is getting more and more popular is the houseboat charter. It typically takes place in a lake district or on rivers and canals. You can do round or one way trips and weekly boat rental or day charter.

    If you are passionate about fishing, you can rent a sport fishing boat. Those special kinds of motor yachts are normally equipped with towers, outriggers, fish lockers, life wells for bait and much other gear anglers might need for deep water fishing.

    What are the general characteristics of motor boat hire?

    One big advantage motor boats have is that they offer a lot of speed and if you like to feel the wind in your hair even on a still day, motor boat charter is definitely for you.

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    Motor yachts are often used for day charter as you can visit quite a lot of destinations and ports in a relatively short time.

    What occasions are there for motor yacht rental?

    There are numerous reasons to hire a motor boat. Some of them could be corporate yacht charter, day charter, houseboat charter, river cruises, bareboat charter, skippered charter, crewed charter, luxury charter, honeymoon yacht charter, exploration of diverse locations, family vacations, combining yacht charter with activities like water sports and much more.

    What about safety on a motor yacht charter?

    In order to be safe on your boating holiday there are some regulations you need to follow. Before you start your charter you will be introduced to the location of the safety equipment (fire extinguisher, escape hatches, hoses etc.) and be given a basic introductory speech about safety at sea and emergency procedures. Part of your proof of experience is to show that you have done a boating safety course and know the rules of the road for taking pleasure crafts to water. So depending on how experienced you are, you may know a lot of that information already. In this case, repetition is a good thing, though, and it pays off to listen.

    How does motor yacht charter work? Selecting the right boat for you.

    Before you go on a charter holiday, think about what your priorities are. Do you need a lot of space for stowing water sports equipment and toys? If it is important for you to have a lot of deck space, you may want to try out a power catamaran, as they have an extended outside area. Depending on the charter destination, the weather will be different and boat decks in Northern countries will be much more covered than in the Mediterranean where they are normally open plan. Other important factors are the cabin arrangements and the amount of crew you require.

    Luxury charter yachts offer all sorts of different designs and outlays and the bigger they are, the more features they will have like Jacuzzis, gyms and even helidecks.