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    Bareboat Charter

    Bareboat charter is yacht charter holiday without a hired skipper, so one of the charter guests will be sailing the boat themselves. Sailboat charter on a bareboat yacht either requires a valid licence or proof of sufficient sailing experience. In some countries a second member of the charter needs to have sailing experience, too. Since there is no crew, the charterers of the yacht will also do any required provisioning, cooking, planning of itineraries etc.

    A possible option for sailors who don´t have too much experience would be a combination of skippered and bareboat charter. They could hire a skipper to sail the yacht for the first few days and gradually take over until they feel confident to navigate the boat alone. Another possibility would be a flotilla charter with a lead boat and a guide that gives assistance.

    The majority of bareboat charter yachts are sailboat monohulls but catamarans and motor boats can also be chartered as bareboat yachts.

    One of the most wanted bareboat charter destinations is Croatia.
    Pula, Krk (Punat), Zadar, Sukosan, Biograd, Sibenik, Primosten (Marina Kremik), Seget Donji (Trogir), Trogir, Solta / Rogac (Split), Marina Kastela (Split), Split, Dubrovnik

    Bareboat charter in figures

    Bareboat yacht charter is mostly done on boats up to 17 m, as this is still a manageable size for a leisure skipper. Boats larger than that usually have an own skipper and maybe crew. Off course it is also possible to charter a smaller yacht with a crew, it just depends on the charterer`s preferences.

    Worldwide there are an estimated 11,000 charter yachts. About 85 % of all yachts are bareboat yachts and the Mediterranean Sea is the world´s largest bareboat charter region. The country with the largest proportion of that is Croatia with about 3,000 bareboat charter yachts.

    Ca. 95 % of all charter boats are sailing yachts, and of that 12 % are catamarans and 88 % monohulls. So there is about 5 % of bareboat charter vacations taking place on motor boats.

    Bareboat charter is particularly popular with German-speaking customers, as they prefer this independent type of holiday. The British and other nationalities for instance like to go on flotilla holidays and enjoy the social component of this kind of vacation.

    Bareboat Rental in Greece is most popular from the following habors:
    Corfu, Preveza, Lefkas, Skiathos, Messolonghi, Kalamaki (Athens), Lavrion, Paros, Kos, Rhodes

    Why do sailors enjoy chartering a bareboat yacht?

    The costs of owning a yacht are considerable and many sailors do not spend a lot of time on their boat. So for them it is much cheaper to hire a charter yacht just for the duration of the holidays. The second advantage is that this way they can choose the location freely and don´t have to worry about getting their boat there in the first place.

    The bareboat charter contract guarantees that everything will be in order and running perfectly when you come aboard. All you have to do is decide which type of boat you like and where you want to go.

    Another added bonus on a bareboat yacht charter is that you have complete privacy. You and your family and friends will be entirely undisturbed as there is no additional crew. The boat is all yours!

    What are the prices for sailing yacht charter?

    The average weekly price for bareboat charter in the Mediterranean is about 2,600 €. In the Western Mediterranean prices are highest with an average 3,100 € per week. In this region the Balearics are the most expensive with 3,184 € a week on average. The further East in the Mediterranean, the lower are the costs for boat rental. Greece is the most competitive with an average price of about 2.653 € a week, followed by Croatia with an estimated 2,869 €. If you choose to hire a skipper instead of doing bareboat charter, you can add a further 150 – 300 € per day on top of the price depending on the location.

    Mallorca and the Canaries are very requested bareboat regions in Spain. Just check the boats available for yacht charter in the list below:
    Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Majorca / El Arenal, Majorca / Ca’n Pastilla, Majorca / Cala d’Or, Majorca / Porto Colom, Ibiza / Town, Ibiza / San Antonio, Tenerife / Las Galletas, Lanzarote / Arrecife

    For early bookings in autumn and winter prices are about 10 % cheaper than in springtime. The overall price difference between high and low season is ca. 40 %. If you can plan spontaneously, there are some very good last minute offers available but the best yachts will already be booked at that time.

    What types of bareboat charter yachts are there?

    Sailing yachts are the most typical boats for a bareboat charter. But motor yachts and catamarans are also very popular on a charter holiday without skipper. While sailing yachts provide for the classic yachting sensation, catamarans are a good option if you need more space. Bareboat charter yachts usually range up to 17 m length and larger boats are rented with a skipper and possibly more crew.

    What licences do I need to go on a sailboat charter?

    In order to hire a sailing or motor yacht you need to have a licence or provide proof that you have enough sailing experience.

    If you do bareboat yacht charter in a European country / the Mediterranean it depends on the individual country what type of licence you need. Generally, the ICC – International Certificate of Competency is accepted but there can be restrictions to it, like how far offshore you can go etc. Croatia requires an actual skipper´s licence in addition to a VHF license.

    What to pack on a bareboat yacht charter?

    Generally it can be said that it is best on a bareboat charter to stick to the necessary items as space on board a yacht is limited. Saying that, you should off course be taking enough clothes for all types of possible weather at the respective location. Just don´t put it in a hard case but in a duffle or collapsible bag that can easily be put into a locker or wardrobe. Deck shoes with a bright sole keep the teak clean and your feet safe during manoeuvers. Bear in mind that there are no washing machines on a bareboat holiday, so maybe take some handwashing liquid just in case or buy some at the charter destination.