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Every aspect of tourism has its primary basis in the concept of relationships and relationship building. This basic rule applies to all aspects of the industry, from frontline personnel to tourism security professionals. For us the importance of relationship building then is essential in every aspect of the tourism and travel business.. So be partner.


In order to have successful tourism products and long-term benefits deriving from a planned tourism development for both, tourism and local biodiversity, it is necessary to constantly observe the trends and changes which might influence the destination’s performance. Therefore, monitoring and evaluation are seen as indispensible part of any tourism development project by the UNWTO Consulting Unit.


Inclusive growth and ensuring a future with quality jobs are the concerns of governments everywhere.Travel & Tourism, which already supports one in every ten jobs on the planet, is a dynamic engine of employment opportunity.

Here are some more of my traits

We asked some of our contributors to come up with common personality traits of a successful tourism operator, have look at what you think you achieve and others that you can try to do better. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses so know your personal strengths, and find others to assist develop those things you aren’t skilled at.

Well Organised

Organized, with active systems & processes and looks after staff and suppliers – when tourism operators have appropriate systems and processes in place then the best possible experience is passed on to the customer. Having a good systems and processes plan will allow tourism operators to grow their businesses rather then be stagnant or head in a backwards direction.

Looks & Plans for Opportunities

Those tourism operators who plan or look for and respond to every opportunity are the ones who do really well. These people are also more likely to be the ones who have taken the time to prepare a marketing plan and to update this annually.

A Friendly Local

A successful tourism operator needs to be a friendly local. Make a concerted effort to say hello to your local businesses, stay in contact, build healthy relationships and learn about their businesses i.e. local activities if you’re an accommodation, and vice versa.


Successful tourism operators are open-minded to changing ways consumers source information, are flexible to online ways of doing business e.g. embracing social media and seeking new opportunities to reach audiences.  They are also open minded to other cultures and interested in other places being respectful of their customs.

Good Communicator

This is absolutely necessary – you must be able to engage with your customers for a more meaningful experience and is needed for good interpretation.  It’s also vital for directing and managing your employees so they too can provide the kind of experience to your customers that you desire.

Never Give Up

Never give up when it gets difficult, seek knowledge or ask someone else you respect in tourism for business advice and listen.

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