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    Sailing Yacht Charter

    Sailing a yacht is a wonderful hobby and sport. Therefore, to combine this with a holiday is a dream. When you go on a sailing yacht charter, you can take as much time as you like to disconnect from your everyday life and pick your choice of beautiful destinations to visit. You can go where you want and as you plan your sailing holidays, you can make as many changes to this itinerary as you like. The world is your oyster and a sailboat charter is one of the most flexible types of vacation you can go on. Just enjoy the wind in your hair as the sails take you further. Sailing the Mediterranean or sailing the Caribbean will become a memorable moment of your life. Here we tell you about sailing yacht charter vacations in detail, so just go on reading.

    Why do so many people like to go on a sailing yacht charter?

    Did you know that 85 % of all people going on a bareboat charter holiday in Europe opt for a sailboat? Especially in, Greece, Italy, Turkey or Mallorca this type of yacht is enormously popular. So there is a much wider choice of sailing yachts than motor boats to choose from for your boat rental and they are generally cheaper too in comparison to motor yachts or catamarans. Nevertheless, the Caribbean is the second biggest sailing charter region in the world. BVI Sailing is extremely popular among US citizens.

    Which are the popular ports for a sailboat charter in Greece?

    Sail Greece! For sailboat rental in Lefkada or Corfu we recommend to charter from Nidri or Kerkyra. A great sailing escape are definitely the Sporades Islands. You reach this stunning archipelago best when renting a sailing yacht from Volos or Halkidiki – Porto Koufo. For a sailboat charter cruise into the North Aegean Sea Islands  hire a boat from Kavala or Thassos, the island Samothraki is  close to Lemnos.

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    Sailing is not only a great hobby but also a sport and a skill. You can do it competitively in exciting regattas with your friends and as you keep practicing you will advance and improve every time you go for sailing trips. The other added bonus of this type of yachting is that you become a real pro at teamwork. Whereas on a motor yacht it is enough for one person to stand at the helm and press some buttons, on a sailboat everyone needs to work together like a well-oiled machine. In the case of a family holiday this even has an educational aspect. Children may carry out their own important tasks during manoeuvres which teaches them to be responsible and can be very rewarding. So parents and their off-spring get the possibility to bond on a very different and positive level compared to their normal everyday life.


    There are many other advantages to going on a sailing yacht charter besides the sports-related and team-building aspects. One of them is off course that you spend much time surrounded by the most beautiful nature and scenery. Also compared to a motorboat rental you can feel guilt-free as you don´t use any fuel when you are sailing purely with the wind. Sailing vacations are wonderfully noise-free and a beautiful tranquil experience. This type of holiday has an enormously relaxing effect and it is eco-friendly. So go ahead and enjoy the cruise!

    Sailboat Rental Greece: The most requested country for sailing holidays in the world!

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    Do you dream of sailing Greek Islands? Charter providers in Greece have big sailboat charter fleets in the Ionian Sea. You can rent a sailboat from Corfu, Preveza or Lefkas. The Ionian Islands are suited best for family cruises and unexperienced sailors because there is no Meltemi blowing in summer and the waters between the islands and the mainland are well protected. Classical sailing greece refers of course also to the Aegean Sea: Discover the Sporades with a yacht from Volos or the Island Skiathos. Sailing Holidays Greece also can be experienced in the North Aegean Sea, on Chalkidiki: There are already some sailboat charter companies in Keramoti near Kavala and Porto Koufo. In Kalamaki, a seaside suburb of Athens, you will find the Marina Alimos with nearly 1000 charter yachts. Kalamaki and Lavrion are the closest departure ports for your yacht holidays into the Cyclades Islands. Paros is one of the only charter ports directly situated in the heart of the Cyclades. The Dodecanese Islands close to the Turkish Coast can be explored best when renting a sailing yacht from Kos or Rhodes.

    How good need to be your sailing skills for a sailboat charter?

    Chartering and steering a sailboat requires a certain level of seamanship. Unless you go on a skippered charter with captain you have to provide proof of sufficient sailing experience for the charter company. In most European countries it is sufficient for one charter member to have skipper abilities. For sailboat rentals greece a second member of the group should be proficient to co-skipper. In you plan to have sailing holidays croatia you need a radio license as well. Since sailing is teamwork, the whole group can get in on the fun on a sailboat charter. Everyone can help at manoeuvres and be an active part of the process – this makes sailing holidays so special. If you are unsure about navigating the charter yacht yourself, you have the option of hiring a skipper or just hiring one for the first few days until you are familiar with the boat and confident to skipper it yourself. The other option is a flotilla holiday, where you are skippering but moving within the safety of a bigger group of flotilla yachts and also have the added benefit of the lead boat that has a technician that can assist you in case of any emergency or problems.

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    When making bareboat sailing rentals, it is advisable not to overestimate the skills. So be realistic when judging the local sailing weather. Take tidal changes, weather as well as other characteristics of the territories at the charter destination into account. Bear in mind that mooring up a sailboat in tight spaces with the wind coming from the side requires good skills and practice. If you are unsure whether you are capable of manoeuvring the sailing yacht yourself, just do a skippered charter instead and let someone else do the work for you. This ensures that you and the charter crew get to enjoy the sailing holiday in the best possible and relaxed way.

    Book a sailboat charter from Spain – the land of fiesta and siesta!

    Spain with the popular Island Mallorca, the famous party location Ibiza, the long coast of the Iberian Peninsula and the all-year-mild archipelago of the Canaries has very professional services for sailboat vacation. Palamós at the Costa Brava and Barcelona are fantastic for daysailing or weekly escapes to the Balearic Islands. By far the biggest selection of sailboats for rental you will find on Mallorca when chartering from Palma de Mallorca, El Arenal, Ca’n Pastilla, Cala d’Or, Porto Colom, Puerto Pollensa, Puerto de Alcudia or the Marina de Cala Nova. If you focus on partying, you might book your sailing yacht directly from Ibiza Town or San Antonio. For acquiring real sailor experiences we recommend renting a sailboat in the Atlantic from Puerto Deportivo Radazul, Las Galletas on Tenerife, Las Palmas on Gran Canaria or from Arrecife on Lanzarote. A hidden secret of the Spanish Waters are the estuaries of Galicia with their protected inlets, aligned by white sandy beaches. To visit the nature reserve “Cíes Islands”, just reserve a sailboat charter from Vigo.

    What are the advantages of a sailing boat over a catamaran?

    More than 80 % of all chartered sailing yachts are monohulls as opposed to having several hulls. The manoeuvrability of a sailboat is very different to the way a catamaran moves. It is true that multihulls are very steady and have a shallow draught, but unlike a sailing yacht they cannot go against the wind very well, in which case you need to start using the motor. With a monohull sailboat you can still sail even when going against the wind. And going with the wind, you will find they are also faster and sportier than catamarans.

    Sailboats may list more than multihulls, but for many sailors this forms part of the true classic feeling that is associated with a sailing trip and it also gives the sailboat the ability to adapt to the movement of the waves in fiercer weather. A difference in the exterior and interior is the added space on a multihull as well as the fact that the salon on a sailing yacht is mostly located under deck whereas it lies at the same level as the wheelhouse on a catamaran. This means that you get to enjoy more light and better views from inside.

    Sailboat cruises in Italy – from where to hire your sailboat?

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    Just select Genua, Follonica, San Vincenzo, Castiglioncello, Piombino or Punta Ala, in case you plan to rent a sailing yacht from Tuscany. On the Island of Elba there are charterboats available from the authentic harbor town Portoferraio. The Island Sardinia is world-famous for its crystal clear sea. You can rent sailing yachts as bareboat or with crew from Costa Smeralda ports like Portisco, Cannigione, Olbia or further south from Cagliari, Carloforte and Santa Maria de Navarrese. The Gulf of Naples is the perfect gateway to sail to Capri and Ponza. Most yachts are placed there in Procidaand Salerno as well as Tropea in Calabria. The closest ports to sail to the Eolian Islands are at situated at the North Coast of Sicily: Milazzo, Portorosa, Capo d’Orlando, Santagata di Militello, Palermo, Catania. For reaching the Egadi Islands at the west-end of Sicily by sailboat, just charter from Trapani or Marsala.

    To sum things up, it really is down to your personal preferences if you want to go on a comfortable, spacious and steady catamaran or on a versatile sailing yacht for the authentic bareboat sailing charters. More advanced sailors may naturally opt for the sailboat and beginners could enjoy their sailing holidays much more on a multihull that allows them to come close to beaches as well as into protected bays and that is easy to park due to its two engines.

    We hope that by now you have learnt some helpful facts about sailboat yacht charter and look forward to providing the right charter yacht for you. Just hit the red button below to place your charter request and we will contact you immediately. In order to check online available charter deals just search yourself with our YachtFinder from where you get the best offers.