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    What is good to know for your next Boat Rental

    When do you need a Skipper?

    You cannot do a yacht charter holiday without a professional Skipper, if you do not have a skipper license. Many charter companies offer the possibility to hire a skipper, who manoeuvres the chartered boat. It might be also recommendable to engage a skipper for the first days on the water, if you have little experience in seamanship. In this way you are able to deepen your knowledge under the guidance and do not have to bear the responsibility alone. In order to spend a carefree holiday on a charter boat, you should consider getting a skipper insurance. You can insure the charter deposit amount or liability risks for the charter yacht and the passengers.

    Monohull or Catamaran?

    Whether a monohull or a catamaran is the right choice for your charter holiday depends on many factors. Of course, your preferences and requirements are also important for your planned holiday on the water. The desired yacht charter can also be decisive when selecting the right yacht type.

    Sailingboat or Motoryacht?

    You are not really into sailing and prefer to hire a motor yacht? No problem. With our YachtFinder you can charter motor boats from 5 to 30 meters length, as bareboat or as a luxury crewed yacht. The most popular motor boat charter areas in the Mediterranean are Croatia, Greece, Italy or Mallorca. In Germany the northern German lake areas and channels around Berlin and in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are interesting for motorboat renting or a holiday on a houseboat.

    What is a Daycharter?

    In some boat rental destinations, like the Aegean Sea it is very popular to hire a boat for only one day or only few hours. Such so called “Day charters” are not always online available. You should contact us in any case, so we can find the right boat for your day-trip by quoting our boat rental partner companies. If you do not have the required license for steering the desired boat, the local providers can provide a skipper for your charter.

    A word regarding Brand-new Yachts

    Generally speaking, charter clients demand offers for brand-new yachts. This is understandable because everybody is exited to sail on a boat that appears in the newest style and has the latest gadgets onboard. Furthermore, a less used charter boat is likely to be in a better condition than a boat that has been rented out for years already. But you should be also aware that chartering a brand-new boat can involve some risks:

    1. Many yacht boat owner finance their boats. If in the last minute something goes wrong with the financing, the boat might never be delivered.
    2. The yacht might simply not get ready by the shipyard on time, because of production delays.
    3. On the transfer from the shipyardto the charter port, an accident could occur that damages the boat heavily.
    4. The required charter license cannot be obtained until the charter season starts.
    5. Brand-new yachts occasionally arrive with some children diseases, which had slipped through the boat builders quality control, finally come up during the first charter weeks.

    All these reasons show that chartering a boat that has one or two charter seasons successfully passed, is often a more secure choice for the charter guest.

    We love to assist your Yacht Charter Vacation Planning

    In any case, you can call our expert for all questions concerning the planned boat charter or send an inquiry by e-mail