On June 15, the first arrivals of tourists in Greece

On June 15, the first arrivals of tourists in Greece

20/05/2020 20:57

Tourists from abroad will arrive in Greece without a diagnostic test and without quarantine, according to the announcements of the Minister of Tourism, Harry Theocharis.

According to today’s announcements, the campsites and twelve-month hotels will open on June 1, while the rest of the accommodation will open on June 15.

Foreign tourism will start on June 15, when visitors from about 20 countries will be released. The second wave of countries will be added on July 1, of which only countries with negative epidemiological characteristics will be excluded. The gradual abolition of the remaining exceptions was set for July 15. Only sample tests will be performed on visitors.

At the same time, in the context of the measures for the management of coronavirus cases, each accommodation will have a partner doctor and a coordinator. Finally, special “quarantine areas” will be defined per region until any patient is transferred to a health facility.

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