Updated Booking Policy after coronavirus ( Covid-19 )

Updated Booking Policy after coronavirus ( Covid-19 )

Accommodation and Charter terms and conditions

After Coronavirus: The new Sailing Season and how our Charter Company responding and under what conditions can you change or cancel a Charter Booking or a Sailing Cruise

We are carefully monitoring the current situation and will be continuing to keep you up to date on the latest information’s

At this time, we have not registered any problem or trip restrictions at any destination.

What do you need to know about changing the charter boat, the date or destination of your sailing or Motor Boat holiday? 

In response to the situation, like a charter company we are very accommodating. We are offering very generous cancellation conditions or a simple change to the destination or dates, even postponement to the next sailing season.

So that you can plan your Summer Yacht Vacation or Hotel and House Accommodation without worry.

What exactly does it mean? 

If your place of departure restricts travel or is not recommended, we usually offer free of charge:

  • a change of dates (postponement of the charter, sometimes even to next year)
  • a completely different destination (subject to the charter company’s availability)
  • cancellation of the charter without a cancellation fee (or for a minimum amount)
  • free booking and cancellation to 15 June
  • after 15 June 30% deposit with a refund period of cancellation 20 days before your trip

 When booking a boat by May 31, there is often no cancellation fee or a fee of up to 10%, even if the destinations are not classified as risky.

What can you do now?

Want to know more about your boat and the specific terms and conditions of your charter? Call us or write to us for the latest and most accurate information.

We are monitoring the situation closely and will keep the updates coming.

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Aegean Sea Cruises Team


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